timber Construction Solutions LLC is a company focused on the construction management and construction services markets. The company was formed because, as individuals, we have seen many problems in the construction and design build markets. There is a better way to build projects than the standard frustrating process that we are all accustomed to. We show our clients how they deserve to treated and get the most for their money by building partnering relationships with key professional construction contracting and subcontracting firms.

Construction Solutions LLC operates in the construction management and construction services market, offering a variety of services that are related to the construction industry. We can tailor a program to fit any project - from construction management of a $500 million project to verification of architectural specifications of a $100.000 home.

frame Construction Solutions LLC differs tremendously from other contemporary construction firms in several ways. We believe strong communication is the key to a project's success. We have been in the construction industry for a combined 100 years and understand how timely decisions impact costs, schedule, safety, construction soundness, and owner satisfaction.